Ada Lau is a Product Designer living and working in New York City

100 cal


One workout, One hundred calories.

100 cal is a conceptual exercise app that provides an easy way to keep track of how many calories users burn as they complete each workout. The idea was conceived from current food product marketing trends focusing on whole number calorie figures. Users can now easily calculate their workout time to match their food consumption.


For those who are always on the go or have very little time during the day, it is such an easy excuse to put exercising aside. Many who do not work out at the gym regularly may not know that a simple bench, a resistant band and a Bosu can become an exercise routine if given the correct guidance. As for those who workout persistently, a new mix of exercises can keep their routine fresh and engaging.

My intent was to provide a combination of exercises that can be done anywhere with accessible equipment. I want to encourage all kind of users to commit as little as 20 minutes a day to maintain a healthy body.



The concept is simple: You burn 100 calories for every completed workout. Workouts can range from 20 to 30 minutes depending on the intensity and equipment selected. Goals can be set at the beginning to keep users on track with their progress.

Upon logging in, a dashboard is presented as the centre of the app. It displays statistics of the users' progress, the completion of their goal and their overall performance. A further breakdown allows users to see which part of their body have been worked on the most.

The fun part of the app is the ability to customize the workout. Users are given the options of intensity, focus area, and a selection of equipment. All they need to do is to give it a shake and the app will generate a new routine. Each exercise is accompanied by a demonstrative video. At the end of each workout, a summary clearly states the calories burnt and the distribution of the focused area.