Ada Lau is a Product Designer living and working in New York City

Best Buy Canada


Jumpstart Your Holiday Shopping.

Best Buy Canada was named the best Omni-Channel retailer at 2014 and 2015 Canada Post Awards. With daily visits over 10 million, it is important to provide seamless shopping experience to our customers across all touch points - online and in-store.


Cyber Monday and Black Friday are the two biggest online-sales of the year. In the past three years, we were unable to reach our revenue target due to number of factors:

  • Customers had difficulty purchasing an item without being distracted by other promotions
  • There was no easy way to navigate between categories
  • Status of the check-out process was unclear which caused a high drop-out rate


My role was to oversee projects from design to execution. I led a design team to shift the focus onto larger product imagery with more distinct price call-out. Changes we made were:

  • Implemented a navigation bar at the top to ensure different categories could be accessed at any time
  • Prioritized the promotions so that the featured products had a larger presence and the secondary products were presented as text links
  • Added a status bar that updates every minute to ensure customers knew where they were in the checkout queue
  • Emphasized to the customers not to refresh the page in order to keep their place in line 


The redesign yielded better than expected sales figures. Compared to 2013:

  • The year-over-year order numbers increased by 115% 
  • Visitation improved by 17%
  • Conversion rate improved by 2%

The positive sales results can be attributed to better page flow. Product categories were more clearly defined and our customers were more receptive to larger product images, shorter promotional headlines and clearer call-to-action. The results from the ForeSee survey showed a significant increase in checkout completion and overall shopping experience.