Ada Lau is a Product Designer living and working in New York City

Craigslist Redesign


craigslist redesign

Craigslist is a popular online community site for local classifieds such as job search, services, item sales and personal ads. I use it quite often to sell my unwanted items and to look for good bargains; however, I know the interface can be improved tremendously with some TLC.


Ever since its launch in the late 1990s, the overall aesthetic of Craigslist has stayed pretty much the same. A landing page full of blue hypertext links, the inconsistent use of typography and the outdated interface design. Despite its unappealing interface, Craigslist serves its purpose and continues to gain traction. Users of all backgrounds can search, post and share. The challenge is to improve on the readability of the content and to streamline the ad creation process without overwhelming its loyal users with a steep learning curve.   


My overall approach for this redesign project was to:

  • maintain its familiar text-heavy base and reorganize the content into a more intuitive system
  • use small amounts of colour to differentiate various sections and to highlight important content
  • align pieces of information into their own column and leave enough white space for users to quickly read what is important to them

Since users spend most of their time on the search result pages, an emphasis on improving the layout and tools was necessary. An advanced search section was added at the top to further narrow down their search. On the individual search result pages, a prominent call-to-action is located at the top right to easily access the different reply options.

From a seller perspective, the process of posting an ad should be easy and clear. A progress bar is added to the top to indicate the steps involved in the ad creation. The labels and input fields are properly aligned to improve on the information flow.

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