Ada Lau is a Product Designer living and working in New York City

Eko App


Revolutionize The Way You Work

Eko is a customizable communication tool that streamlines the daily workflow. One-on-one conversations and group chats can easily be created and archived for accountability. The community hub encourages employee engagement by allowing any user in the same network to create topics. Administrative users can track all activities and send broadcasts through the admin panel.


I was the first designer to join the team. My immediate action plan was to understand:

  • Who were our current users?
  • What were the existing features?
  • What were the user experience on both between iOS and Android?

After looking over the analytics and listening to user feedback, I found that our users had the following concerns:

  • They were unable to track their conversations
  • They were unable to view all shared media
  • They required a more comprehensive profile page to include their personal notes

The lack of employee engagement was a huge factor in the activity level within the app. 



The first thing we did was modify the one-on-one chat to behave like a team, where users can create new topics for specific conversations. The team page was redesigned to accommodate a general group chat where casual conversations could be carried out, and a list of conversation topics could easily be found. Search functionality was updated so that results could display the search keyword under each topic that it appears. The media button was placed on the team page so that media is no longer bound to a thread but can be viewed all at once.

More customization was added on the profile page, where users could set their cover photo, current status with a sticker and a place to describe their aspirations and interests. We added a community hub to encourage users to discuss their favorite topics and socialize with others outside their teams.



Based on our analytics, our active users increased by 500% in the past six months. More than 70% of these users change their status and/or sticker on a weekly basis, and 6664 stickers were sent out just in the month of June. The exchange of messages increased by 415%, proving that user engagement has drastically improved.