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Loop: Send a request. Get a response.

Check out my design process for Loop.


Loop is an experimental project that allows users to send a request and receive a yes / no response with an optional message. Requests can be approved by either a single approver or multiple approvers. Our team had the idea when we were discussing a better way to get a quick approval and to track down our requests. From ideation to launch, the entire process took 6.5 weeks with 6 team members.


Unlike Email, where messages are stored in the Inbox or the Sent folder, Loop displays all requests in the ‘Inbox’ tab. A request can have 4 different states:

  • new
  • pending
  • approved
  • disapproved

Since this app was designed for our target audience in Thailand, we had to be mindful of their culture in terms of colour and language choices used in the app. Red is considered to be confrontational and saying ‘No’ is very uncommon in their culture.


Designing the icons for the tasks’ states were both challenging and fun. The checkmark and the universal ‘x’ were an obvious choice for approving / disapproving a request. However, the colour for disapproved request was debatable. Since red or any similar hues were considered to be too aggressive, the final choice of colour was a cool, greyish blue to suggest a sense of rejection.

The placement of the ‘x’ and the checkmark was also an interesting case. Since the Thai language is also read and written from left to right like English, the approval check mark was placed on the right. This is a similar analogy as the placement of the ‘Ok’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons.

We added a progress bar for requests requiring multiple approvers. A list of approvers are displayed below with their response and messages. On the Inbox page, the donut-shaped icon is segmented to show the percentage of the responses.

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