Ada Lau is a Product Designer living and working in New York City


Live from the stage/my workspace



Curiosity has always been the biggest motivation for me to understand and learn about the unknown. The state of genuinely wanting to know more creates the joy of discovery. Often times we grown-ups have lost the sense of playfulness to explore, simply because we are afraid to fail. Why? Because failure has a notion of weakness, inexperience and error. But I see it as opportunities. Every failure comes with lessons to be learnt, and by refining the process, eventually I will get it right. It is the thought of finding a better solution that fuels my inner explorer to keep searching.


Brilliant ideas and executions are often results from cross-team collaborations. Every designer is different - be it personality or thought process. What my experience has taught me is to embrace individuality and to adapt my communication based on whom I am working with. We all want to produce great work and get recognized. But in the process, we need to empower and support each other so everyone can shine. I strongly believe the success of a product is the result of a solid and happy team.


Besides spending most of my time as a designer solving interesting problems, I love to keep myself sane through drawing and snapping polaroids. Drawing has always been my outlet when I'm bored, happy, frustrated or for fun. It allows me to transfer my visions on to paper which sometimes turns into a short comic strip. After receiving an instant camera as a present, I was immediately drawn to the fact that there is no undo button. I commit to what I see in the viewfinder the moment I press the shutter. Sometimes how it turns out surprises me which is how my inspirations begin.